Met the fluffiest golden retriever ever. #heartmelt #fellywashere #西门町
Stone wall carvings. #fellywashere #松山 (at 松山慈祐宮)
Let’s tear down these walls
And plant sunflowers 
In their place,

Let them grow 
Taller than ourselves
And fill the sky,

With a yellow
Golden shimmer 
That lights what’s to come. - Keaoss #fellywashere #singapore #missinganeye (at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Sunflower Garden)
Sun after the rain! Impromptu selfies with @gabsgab wearing our new free sunglasses! Thanks @jackwillssg! #jackwillssg #jwselfie #sgweekends
What an awesome way to start the weekends. #sgweekends  (at Old Hen Coffee Bar)
Our victory stance #sgweekends  (at Tanjong Beach Club)
Ah… Pool, Picnic umbrellas, and People watching. #theweekofletterp #sgweekends  (at Tanjong Beach Club)
This weekend’s sport activity: paddle board! Easy to pick up and an overall relaxing experience although I was feeling seasick at the end of it (because i have really bad motion sickness). It was nice to lie on the board or jump into the water for a dip as you watch the world pass you by. Definitely something I will do again! #sgweekends $40/hr at Tanjong Beach Club (at Tanjong Beach Club)
Happy birthday Wonder Woman, aka mummy dearest! May you always be happy, healthy and well loved. XO Love you lots!
Look at that puppy face. *ohgoochigoo*